Panagiotis Tsiapkolis

Tomarto Inferno


This is a 3D action game I made with my friends during the final game jam of my college years. I did the programming, 3D art, and voiced two characters, while my friends worked on the 2D cutscenes and scenario.

I feel really proud of this one, since I feel I squeezed out the most of the two day time we had.


The game is telling a story. Tomarto, a proud fruit warrior, gets exiled with the vegetables, a persecuted caste. He matures and rises up against the fruit monarchy and finds out that mushrooms were behind all of this. This is the message of the game : society is like a fruit salad, you need both fruits and vegetables, but you shouldn't add mushrooms. Interpret that how you will.

The gameplay itself is a 3D action game, where you can use horizontal, vertical, and charged attacks to win. It's still pretty simple and needs balancing however. You fight through a level, then fight a boss, interspliced by cutscenes.

My time on the project was used half and half on the programming and 3D models. The level took a surprising amount of time to decorate, but the final boss went really well thanks to a strong vision.

I had a lot of fun voicing the characters of Tomarto and Trompette de la Mort. Making the story with my friends was definitely a high point of that weekend.